Meet Our Team

2019 Come Together Awards

Record of the Year – David Stocker
Chart Topper – Michael Cato
Supporting Vocalist of the Year – Heather Lentz
Best Arrangement – Nathan Kirkland
Top Hits – Sam Pirillo
Money Manager of the Year – Jimaine Harmon
Producer of the Year – Rick Woodruff
Best New Artist – Ted Gerry
Best Project Collaborations – Dave Knoche, Ryan Cheeseman, Sonya Bohmann, Carly Pendley, Tim Capuzzi, Arika Abel & Sabrina Bell
Best Construction Collaboration – Michael Cato, Paul Wright, Steve Mazza, David Asencio, Matt Small, Melissa Pagan, Arnelis Mejias, Michael Rosario & Sarah Saunders.
Icon of the Year – Will Nelson
Lifetime Achievement – Roseann Lepone