Social Purpose

BrandPoint Services began envisioning its social purpose in 2012, shortly after Steve Hearon stepped in as CEO. Each year the team meets and discusses what direction its charitable efforts should take. In its early days of community involvement, the company participated in builds for habitat for humanity and performed grassroots fundraising, such bake sales, and 50/50 raffles. It also enlisted support from vendors and raised more than $6,000 for various charities in its first year.


Suicide prevention and awareness is a topic that struck a chord with many in the company, as several employees have been directly affected by the suicide of a friend or family member. Today, the company is a strong supporter of the TKD memorial foundation, a non-profit founded by Steve and some of his friends in memory of Todd Delaney, a close friend who died by suicide in 2004.


TKD provides funding for important suicide awareness and prevention programs in area schools which help train teachers to recognize warning signs and learn how to best address them. Through these programs, kids who may be contemplating suicide get the help and support they need. TKD also provides funding to three local support groups and pays the salary of a psychologist who works with families affected by suicide.

Suicide is believed to be the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., with 123 suicides on average per day. For every suicide, 25 attempts are made.* While these statistics are sobering, the actual numbers are likely to be even higher due to the stigma surrounding suicide which leads to underreporting. This is why the mission of TKD memorial foundation is so important.

Brandpoint social

Brandpoint hosts three main events each year to support the TKD Memorial Foundation, which include a family-friendly company picnic, a Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament and is the key sponsor for the annual golf tournament. Through its efforts, BrandPoint is shining a light on suicide, and on the importance of increasing awareness to aid in its prevention.

“I am really proud of the support the BrandPoint team has given to our philanthropic efforts. One of the coolest things about it is that the work we do to raise money for TKD is work we do together, and it gives the team a real sense of meaning in what they are doing while also having fun,” said Hearon. “We are also fortunate to have such great support from our vendors who have been unbelievably generous with their time and money for our cause.”


Every employee donates time, talent or treasure to help coordinate these events. Expenses are underwritten by corporate sponsors and all money raised goes directly towards TKD Memorial Foundation. In 2019 the team has raised more than $40,000 for TKD. These funds will will help support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Pillars of Light and QPR Training in the Downingtown School District.

Date to Be Determined
September 2020 – TKD Memorial Golf Tournament
Please check back for more information on upcoming events and initiatives you can support.

In 2020, BrandPoint will continue to improve our communities by supporting the TKD Memorial Golf Tournament, as well as other causes that are important to our clients, vendors and employees.

*American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. AFSP.org/About-Suicide