BrandPoint Services Kentucky Fried Chicken

The Tie That Binds

April 13, 2022

Brandpoint Services Earns Customer Service Honors at the Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisees Annual Convention

BrandPoint Services earned the ‘Tie That Binds’ award at the 2022 AKFCF Annual Convention. The award is given to a trusted partner that displays outstanding customer service, a reputation that has been developed over the course of a six year journey with the AKFCF group. 

BrandPoint Services and the AKFCF group kicked off their relationship in 2015 with a light remodeling project, known as the ASAP Refresh offering. These projects included everything from flooring and painting, to repairs and branding. Under the leadership of Business Development Manager, Tamara Kramer, BrandPoint Services successfully completed over 50 quick service remodel (QSR) projects at AKFCF locations across the country. 

Through the ASAP Refresh project, Tamara was able to forge an incredibly strong relationship with AKFCF. Her dependability and clear communication allowed BrandPoint Services to secure a second project with the group, titled the ‘Next Gen Remodel’ project. This assignment was highly focused on drive-through optimization, and included the implementation of digital signage, point of sale technology, and more. 

“Tamara deserves a ton of praise for this award,” says Dave Moura, BrandPoint Services VP of Client Services. “Her interpersonal relationships with each franchise owner have helped her form lifelong partnerships, not just one off projects. Without her guidance and leadership, BrandPoint Services’ relationship with AKFCF would not be where it is today.”

Tamara credits her background in psychology, education, and mental health counseling for her ability to establish trust and excellent long-term relationships with BrandPoint Services customers. She leads National Account Management at BrandPoint Services for some of the largest brands in the country, including AKFCF, YUM! Brands, Burger King, Dunkin’, and more. 

Whether your franchise needs basic maintenance, a minor refresh, or a complete overhaul, BrandPoint Services’ network of trusted vendors and contractors can meet your deadlines without breaking your budget. With the help of thoughtful leaders like Tamara and her team, BrandPoint Services is able to work with customers to understand their environment, experience, and goals. 

Are you looking for a partner that you can count on? Let BrandPoint Services develop a strategy that’s on budget and on time. Contact us today!