Food Donation

Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk

March 19, 2021

How BrandPoint Services Put Its Core Company Values into Practice & Gave Back

The last year has been challenging for everyone. The words “health” and “safety” took on new, powerful, and sometimes scary meanings, as the world changed overnight. 

But when people were pushed to the brink, humanity emerged. People helped people. Liquor distilleries and beer breweries started making hand sanitizer. Communities rallied around bars and restaurants for takeout and delivery after indoor dining was banned. There were a lot of tough times, but in those moments, people rose to the occasion.

The team at BrandPoint Services (BPS) were no different. They were all directly impacted by the pandemic, but through all of that, their spirit of giving and caring remained. In February, BPS coordinated with their staff on one simple mission: bring the company’s core of values to life: Improve. Perform. Grow. Serve.

Team members were encouraged to donate to their local food bank or pantry, and BPS would match the donation to the same food bank. The task was straightforward and made an immediate impact. Midway through the program, the BPS team had provided 20,000 meals to food banks across the entire country.

It was right around this time that ice storms devastated the state of Texas. Millions were left without power or heat, and in most cases, that meant people couldn’t make their own food. So after some internal discussions about what could be done, BPS decided to provide another 20,000 meals to five food banks throughout Texas.

“We’re big believers in living our core values,” said Sonya Bohmann, vice president of strategic relationships for BrandPoint Services. “I think when we challenged our team to really put it into practice, you saw something really special. I was blown away by how involved people got, and more than that, they believed in it. That’s what makes this company and our team so special.”

Learn more about BPS’ social and charitable work, and to hear more about their commitment to giving back here.