How One BrandPoint Client Is Using The Down Time To Improve Customer Experience

April 14, 2020

The retail and hospitality industry is heavily reliant on providing positive consumer-facing experiences. Providing such an experience increases revenue, brand value, and retention in the marketplace. Many of our national clients, some with hundreds of locations across the country are reimagining the way their businesses present themselves to the end consumer.    

COVID-19 has negatively affected many retail clients in our portfolio but rather than sit back and complain, we’ve teamed up with some national clients to complete refresh and repaint projects during the downtime.  These low-cost initiatives have a high ROI. Did you know that repainting your locations can actually save you money? A new coat of paint actually acts as a protective layer from dirt, moisture, and pests. Beyond this, a fresh look can increase property value and have a positive effect on customers.  Certain colors even put the customer at ease. For example, blue is associated with trust, and white represents clean and modern. While many companies are in a holding pattern during COVID-19,  our clients continue to push forward with remodeling and refresh projects. “We enjoy playing a role in their customer-first improvements,” says, Adam Prichard, Business Development Manager at BrandPoint. When customers do return, they’ll experience something fresh and hopefully memorable. 

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