Anne McKnight Senior Director

BrandPoint Services Promotes Anne McKnight to Senior Director of Business Development

June 22, 2021

The Longtime Employee Gets Rewarded for Her Continued Success with Clients

Anne McKnight, one of BrandPoint Services longest-serving employees, is getting a lot of recognition these days. She was recently promoted to Senior Director of Business Development, and according to Dave Knoche, Senior VP of Sales, it’s well-deserved.

“Her charm and personality can be seen in the culture [of BrandPoint Services],” Knoche said. “She is a leader and a mentor, has the ability and energy to achieve her goals, and is an advocate for both BrandPoint Services and our clients. She fully deserves this promotion.”

For McKnight herself, it’s just continuing to do what she’s always done.

“I have been with BrandPoint Services going on my 12th year…, and I really embrace all things new and thrive on how this industry keeps evolving,” she said. “That means  engaging with [customers] for any of their construction, refresh and facility maintenance or special projects needs.”

McKnight’s background in digital marketing, particularly in digital signage and displays, gives her unique insight into how to think outside the box and focus on innovation, and that became especially true when the Covid-19 pandemic impacted businesses in every industry and vertical.

“We worked with a lot of the essential businesses – grocery, pharmacy, big box retail – where we needed to help ensure these locations were taken care of;  whether that meant assisting in signage and plexiglass shield installs, upgrading a network, or remerchandising,” McKnight said.

In the construction space, while some companies had to put things on hold during the pandemic and shutdowns, McKnight and her team faced never-before-seen challenges head on and solved all-new problems.

“One of the new solutions we brought to the market last year during Covid-19 was our Virtual 360° Surveys,” McKnight told us. “We needed a way to update our partners who couldn’t travel [to see] their construction projects and refreshes [during lockdowns], and through our Virtual 360°, we were able to give them ‘eyes on site of a project.’ It beats the heck out of still photos, and gives our partners peace of mind.”

McKnight is uniquely prepared to develop solutions like the Virtual 360 survey. What’s more, thanks to her digital background, she knows that even as retailers are getting back to full capacity, and construction sites are up and running, digital solutions will always be needed.

“As locations open up, they’re starting to rely more and more on experiential services like self-checkout, smart lockers, in-store grocery pick-up,” McKnight said. “We know that the digital consumer has a constant connection to their cell phone, and anything in person will need just that much more of a story to connect [with] them in person, so that’s where digital will be integral.”

McKnight knows she’s got her work cut out for her, and she’s excited about that. For someone as goal-oriented as her, she’s ready.

“[BrandPoint Services] has a big goal to reach $100 million in revenue in the next few years, and I think it’s very achievable.”

To learn more about McKnight’s work, and how she and BrandPoint Services can provide solutions to your business, contact us today.