Time Is Of The Essence for Year End Paint Projects

September 28, 2022

written by Natalie Barletta

Fall is officially here. With cooler weather for most of the country the countdown to the holidays seems to start earlier with each passing year. As we approach the final quarter of the year this is your friendly paint reminder. 

  • Exterior Painting has weather restrictions 
  • Now is the time to prepare your stores for the holiday rush. 

Exterior Painting 

Temperatures are ideal for exterior painting but that window of opportunity is shrinking with each passing day. There is a strict range of temperatures when it comes to exterior painting. When painting outside, it should be at least 50 degrees fahrenheit, and drop no lower than 32 degrees at night. Even if it is warm out during the day, the paint won’t form a solid layer if it gets too cool at night. 

Paint needs several days to cure and to form a strong bond with the wall it’s being applied to. As the temperature drops in these next coming months, dew can form on the surfaces and cause the water in the paint to evaporate too slowly, meaning you will have streaks in your layers of paint. This also means that it is more prone to cracking over time. Colder temperatures and moisture on the surface can also cause staining and attract mildew over time. 

“It seems that every year we encounter challenges with exterior paint programs coming to us at the same time that mother nature decides it’s time to change the season.” Says Dave Knoche, EVP of Sales. “ Exterior coatings not only need proper ambient temperatures, but they also need proper temperatures for surfaces and dry times. We encourage all of our client partners to be forward looking as fall approaches to get ahead of the inevitable, cold weather is coming.”

Holiday/Year End Store Prep

Are your stores ready for Black Friday and the year end rush? If you have those extra budget dollars calling your name,  now is the time to book your year end paint services. BrandPoint Services has you covered with the largest paint network in North America. 

We have access to over 198 warehouses, meaning we are never too far away from a job and we utilize a proprietary field app, helping us be as efficient as possible. No quality is sacrificed for efficiency. 

BrandPoint Services is the solution for professional project management and quality work. We have the expertise and processes in place to ensure that we deliver on our promise every time. We always measure our performance by our clients’ satisfaction and we work with paint brands we can trust. 

When you choose BrandPoint Services, you won’t need to manage multiple suppliers for your painting and renovation needs. We do it all, including but not limited to:

  • Interior painting
  • Wall preparation / repair
  • Ceiling restoration
  • Graphic removal / installation
  • Wood refinishing (paints and stains)
  • Exterior Painting
  • Siding, EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems)


Our year end availability tends to book fast. To secure your fresh coat and lock in your project timeline, contact us today!

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