HVAC Shortage

August 4, 2022

written by Natalie Barletta

The HVAC supply chain is still undergoing many difficulties even after we thought the worst part of Covid 19 has passed. There are new EPA guidelines taking effect within the HVAC industry starting in January of 2023. Due to these new guidelines, many manufacturers have stalled or reduced manufacturing to retool their facilities to produce units that meet the new industry standards. 

To add to the struggles with the new regulations, HVAC may be facing a tough couple of months because of other factors including:

  • Limited supply chain production
  • Semiconductor chip shortage
  • Inflation
  • Labor issues

Many manufacturers have already limited orders if they weren’t placed by May 29th of 2022. Most new commercial HVAC units have a minimum of 2-3 month lead time and that is if they are available at all. Some quotes coming from these facilities have even been as far out as 30 weeks!

As many Americans have come to know, supply chain issues  have been crippling and parts needed to complete HVAC projects are not unique to this situation. We are anticipating a 3-20% increase in most parts across the industry with limited availability. .

The BrandPoint Services team is working closely with our trusted distributors, suppliers and techs in the field to try and provide you with the best possible solutions regarding everything HVAC. We have a vast network that we are able to tap into to secure parts that may not be available to everyone. However, if a quote is supplied, we encourage you to act quickly as parts will become more scarce as the year goes on. Our team is also sourcing portable/temporary HVAC equipment if the necessary parts aren’t on hand. 

“Counsel to our clients is to have an aggressive preventative maintenance program with their equipment to extend the life of that equipment or at a minimum reduce the likelihood of emergency needs.  If a unit can be determined to be at the end of its life, that life may be extended to a point that replacement parts or equipment would be available for a more cost effective remedy.”  – Steve Hearon – President  

Please note, we have been advised by temporary climate solution suppliers and they anticipate a higher demand for HVAC equipment than this time last year. We will do everything within our power to provide you with cost effective options that will keep your locations up and running. 

Don’t get left behind in the heat! Contact BrandPoint today for your HVAC needs. 

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