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How Digital Signage Technology is Driving New Retail Experiences In The COVID World

July 2, 2020

On June 25th, BrandPoint Services President, Steve Hearon, sat down with three leaders from the digital signage industry, as part of BrandPoint’s ongoing webinar series with thought leaders in various industries. This discussion focused on how their businesses have changed over the past four months, from innovative product development to end-to-end solutions for their customers. This can’t miss discussion will impress you from a business and consumer viewpoint. Times have changed and given the recent COVID spikes in states like Texas and Florida, they may have changed forever. With technology leaders like BrightSign, GABLE, and Peerless-AV, you’ll leave this recorded webinar with hope and inspiration. 

Meet The Panelists: 

Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign
Jeff is an impressive leader with ties to tech giant, Roku and started BrightSign 10 years ago. He says, “ Our focus is on the digital signage media players. BrightSign has been quick to pivot and put the use of the technology they develop to solve COVID issues. For example, their BrightVoice technology allows consumers to talk to the kiosk displays, similar to Amazon and Google but without the need for an internet connection. They also have kiosk technology that operates off of a consumer’s phone with no-touch interactions, as well as provide the tools needed to count customers in a retail location without the need for employees to “click-count” entries and exits.

Stephen Gottlich, Sr. Vice President at GABLE
Stephen has forty years of industry experience. Currently, he plays a leading role in GABLE.  They collaborate with designers, architects, branding specialists, and end-users in developing and implementing visual communications projects in the built world.  Stephen tells us that ” Signage has evolved from a static medium to something dynamic, bringing us from a sign company to a digital solution company. It’s a pretty exciting thing to be a part of.” 

Brian McClimans from Peerless-AV
Brian is the VP of Sales for Peerless-AV. With 29 years of industry experience and on the Board of the Digital Signage Federation, he too has a strong background in digital signage. Peerless-AV considers a solution to be more than the product itself which makes sense to combine hardware and software to create better experiences.  Between their 2018 victory with the LED integration program called SEAMLESS, becoming an official partner of MiLB in 2019 and now working on digital health protocol solutions including temperature reading kiosk, people counting kiosks, they continue to push the edge on creativity and innovation.

 To start the recent webinar dialogue, Steve asks the panel what new initiatives their companies have developed and executed on that retailers, financial services, healthcare, and other business will find valuable given safety concerns and policies in place given COVID 19?

To hear their responses watch the video here! It’s one of the most insightful and impactful conversations happening in this new COVID world. 

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