Not Your Average Conference: Our Key Highlights from Buildpoint 2023

June 7, 2023


As Senior Directors of Business Development at BrandPoint Services, we are constantly on the lookout for conferences and trade shows that provide valuable networking opportunities and exceptional experiences. Recently, we had the privilege of attending Buildpoint, which took place this year April 23-26 in San Diego. Buildpoint stands out among the vast sea of industry events by offering a unique and personal setting that fosters connections and drives business growth. Here are just a few of the ways Buildpoint raised the bar for all other industry gatherings.

Location, Location, Location:

The moment we arrived at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, we were impressed by the venue. It was grand in size, and yet somehow still managed to create an intimate atmosphere. Navigating the event was a breeze, and it felt like a small world where connections were easily made. We also had a chance to visit Kansas City BBQ, which was just a stone’s throw away from the hotel. Also known as “The Top Gun Bar”, this BBQ joint was used as the filming location for several scenes in the original Top Gun film, and offers its very own “Top Gun Beer” to complete the experience.

Exploring San Diego with a Twist:

The Buildpoint agenda didn’t confine us to the halls of the Hyatt – we had plenty of time to hop off-campus, so we decided to explore downtown San Diego in a truly unique way. We traveled on electric street vendor bikes decked out with colorful lights and lively music, and cruised through the vibrant downtown streets. This unconventional mode of transportation was an exciting alternative to the usual Uber, and created a fun memory we were able to share with fellow attendees the following day. 

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities:

Unlike many other collaborations, Buildpoint goes above and beyond to create a viable setting for networking. The heart of the event lies in the boardrooms, where we had the opportunity to present our brand and services to a small group of 9-10 buyers each day. With a concise 20-minute pitch, we were able to engage with decision-makers directly. Additionally, the Buildpoint event app facilitated one-on-one meetings, with some buyers even requesting these sessions in advance. The level of personalized interaction was unparalleled, leading to well-matched partnerships with actionable next steps. 

Did We Mention Networking?

Buildpoint understands that shared meals provide their own set of networking opportunities. One standout feature was the sit-down lunch, where randomized assigned seating encouraged attendees to mingle and build relationships with brands they usually wouldn’t interact with. From a buyer’s perspective, this was a significant advantage as it facilitated organic conversations in a light-hearted setting. 

Each evening at Buildpoint offered another chance to unwind and relax with your fellow attendees. One event that left a lasting impression was held at Punch Bowl Social, a local restaurant/arcade offering a full food and drink menu, along with various activities such as table games and bowling. The fun and laid-back atmosphere fostered a sense of camaraderie among attendees, breaking down barriers and enabling worthwhile conversations beyond the confines of formal meetings.

Shout-Out Connecting Point Marketing Group (CPMG)

Behind the scenes, Buildpoint is brought to life by the expertise of CPMG, the event specialists who curate an extraordinary experience for attendees. They organize the event, as well as the financial support of contributing vendors, to ensure a high-quality experience year after year. 


Buildpoint sets the standards for what professional gatherings should look like, and redefines what it means to connect and grow in our field. As representatives of BrandPoint Services, we were impressed by the caliber of the connections we made and the memorable experiences that unfolded. Already looking forward to Buildpoint 2024! Click here to connect with us today.