2023 BrandPoint Summit A Record-Smashing Success

February 10, 2023

BrandPoint Services held its 2023 company-wide summit from January 10th to 13th at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. This summit not only marked a new chapter for the company but also celebrated its 20th anniversary, recognizing two decades of achievements and growth.

The summit brought together employees from every department, and from across the country to discuss the latest developments and strategies for success in the coming year. One of the most memorable and emotional moments of the summit was the presentation of the prestigious lifetime achievement award to BrandPoint’s CEO, Mike Hersh. This award recognized Hersh’s outstanding leadership and dedication to the company, which helped lead the company to its biggest year in history.

Along with Hersh’s award, 30 additional awards were given out to employees and departments who were recognized for their excellence in their fields and overall customer service. These awards were presented to individuals and teams who demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to the company’s mission and values.

The summit also provided attendees with the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with colleagues from different departments and locations. Workshops and panels were held on a variety of topics, including best practices in customer service, the latest technology trends, and ways to improve company culture.

In addition to the awards ceremony and professional development sessions, the summit also included fun and recreational activities, such as a casino challenge, a charity corn hole tournament, and a neon party to foster camaraderie and build stronger relationships between employees.

Another highlight of the summit was the keynote speech by Ted Ma, who spoke about how to achieve peak performance in one’s life. Attendees were inspired by Ma’s insights and practical advice on how to reach their full potential, both professionally and personally.

As the company celebrated its 20th anniversary and honored CEO Mike Hersh with the lifetime achievement award, the 2023 company-wide summit was a fitting tribute to the hard work and dedication of BrandPoint Services employees over the past two decades. With a focus on excellence, teamwork, and innovation, and inspired by Ted Ma’s message of peak performance, BrandPoint Services is poised for another successful year.

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