Virtual 360 Survey

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About BrandPoint Services Virtual 360

BrandPoint Services Virtual 360 Survey is a game changer. This allows you to see down to 1/8 of an inch throughout your space allowing you to walk your space without being anywhere near the site.
BrandPoint’s virtual 360 survey creates a realistic digital twin for all types of built spaces enabling clients and stakeholders to explore and evaluate properties with ease.

Virtual 360 Survey is Great For

Construction progress monitoring

Merchandising, store design, facilities

Any time you can’t be on site, but need to see your space!

With COVID- limited access to travel provides real updates to see what’s happening with a site

On spaces retailer acquire where weren’t provided a floor plan provides one in detail

Used to ensure lighting up-to-date: LED conversions, reflective ceiling plan, track heads

Traditional survey


Provides eyes on site

Verify ADA compliance- can use the measurement tool to verify proper clearance

A retailer that does frequent floor resets needs to know what is in-store, where fixtures are, and what do they have as far as inventory audit


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