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Sr. Director of Business Development

Josh Fickert is a seasoned Senior Director of Business Development at BrandPoint Services, leveraging his extensive background in plumbing supply and experience with a national general contractor. Holding a degree in Business Management from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a certificate as a NASP (Certified Professional Sales Person), Josh specializes in serving clients in the retail, specialty, and senior living industries. Known for his strategic insight and client-centric approach, he excels in cultivating long-term relationships and driving revenue growth.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Josh finds joy in playing golf and fishing, hobbies that offer him relaxation and connection with nature. He also enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time on the lake. With a keen eye for emerging market opportunities and a dedication to delivering tailored solutions, Josh is an invaluable asset in the field of business development, thanks to his expertise and commitment.