Danielle Scarf_BPS Sales
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Director of Business Development

Danielle joins us with 17 years of extensive experience in the facilities industry, bringing her wealth of knowledge and expertise to our company. Based in Northeast Ohio, she has built a stellar reputation for her dedication to excellence and her ability to balance professional responsibilities with her family life as a dedicated mother of four.


Danielle’s approach to work and life is firmly rooted in positivity and a growth mindset. Her commitment to providing effective, tailored solutions to meet client needs aligns perfectly with BrandPoint Services’ mission to deliver exceptional service. As a regular speaker at industry conferences, Danielle shares invaluable insights, empowering attendees to elevate their programs to new heights.


In addition to her professional achievements, Danielle is an avid traveler, enthusiastically exploring new cities and enjoying time at the beach with her children. Her passion for animal welfare is remarkable, as she actively participates in rescuing and fostering animals, reflecting her compassionate nature.