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Fixtures & Merchandising

With 20+ years of expertise in designing floor layouts, our team understands the crucial role that shelving and displays play in attracting customers, maximizing product visibility, and creating an enjoyable shopping journey. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect fixtures to display your product while optimizing the buyer experience.

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Fixtures & Merchandising

  • Diverse catalog
  • Multiple project types, from rollouts to conversions
  • Projects of any size
  • 30-day ramp-up to adequately prep employees and clientele
  • Dedicated rep execution
  • Gondola inventory, setup and leveling techniques

Types of Special Projects

  • Remodels
  • New Store Build
  • Resets
  • New-Item Cut-Ins
  • Product Maintenance & Cycle Work
  • Category Updates
  • Seasonal Surge
  • Continuity Coverage
  • In-store Staffing Support
  • Backroom Services
  • Product Repackaging
  • POP & Graphic Installations
  • Plan-o-gram Integrity
  • Audits
  • Signage & POS Placement
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Ensuring an appealing appearance for your retail space is essential. At Brandpoint Services, we understand that the core of your sales floor lies in the retail fixtures. Our team of skilled installers specializes in creating customized fixtures that cater to various styles, types, and brands, seamlessly integrating them into your retail environment. Whether it’s steel pallet racking, store fixtures, gondolas, kiosks, or brand displays, we possess extensive expertise in fixture installation. Above all, retailers rely on our trusted services to construct fixtures with utmost security and safety.

  • Steel & Cantilever
  • Millwork
  • Cash Wraps
  • Fixtures Metal/Wood
  • Graphics
  • (LP) Security Devices
  • Displays
  • Interactive Displays

When combined with our other solutions, we have the capability to execute all phases of your fixture installation project.

  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Shipment Receiving & Check-In
  • Kitting & Palletizing
  • Shipment Delivery
  • Merchandising Fixtures
  • Fixture Mobilization & Relocation
  • Teardown & Disposal / Recycle
  • Gondola Demo & Installation
  • Gondola Moves

From the very beginning of your fixture installation project, your dedicated Brandpoint Services Project Manager will ensure a smooth and effortless experience. Our objective is to assist you in staying on schedule and within budget, while executing the installation with utmost safety, security, and precision.

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Convenience is highly valued by people, which is why offering pre-assembled products from the sales floor or providing in-home assembly options to shoppers is crucial. Retailers understand the significance of delivering a remarkable customer experience. 

At Brandpoint Services, we play a vital role in ensuring that bike racks, grills, ride-on-toys, fitness equipment, furniture pads, and other products are “showroom ready,” instilling confidence in customers when making purchases at the decisive moment.Our technicians possess extensive building experience, allowing us to save you time and money.

  • Bikes
  • Grills
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Ride-On Toys
  • Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Furniture
  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Patio Furniture
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
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Brandpoint Services provides a dedicated point of contact who handles the management, organization, and shipping of your materials in a specific store assortment, ensuring they arrive at the site precisely when they are needed. Our approach saves you valuable time, money, and preserves your peace of mind.

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With our dedicated and experienced Project Management teams, we provide unwavering support to retailers throughout every stage of their retail projects. Our project managers are skilled in crafting tailor-made programs that cater to your specific retail requirements. They oversee the project from inception to completion, utilizing photo reviews, customized project summaries, and field reports to enhance compliance and performance with real-time issue resolution. Our Project Managers undergo comprehensive training to excel as problem-solvers, committed to delivering customized solutions for your retail needs.

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What Our Clients Say

Brandpoint has done the majority of remodels over the last 2 years including 2 franchisee locations.  They have been great to work with and I cannot recommend them enough on remodel projects.

We’ve been working with BrandPoint for three years. They make everything really easy and simple. They do a great job and provide great follow-up.

I know I told you this a few weeks ago, but I just want to reiterate what a pleasure it’s been to work with Lura on our projects. She has been an amazing partner for me. Her commitment to our tight scheduling and addressing issues on site is outstanding. I wouldn’t have been able to get these projects successfully completed without her!

Thank you!

BrandPoint Services performed work for more than a third of the top 100 US retail companies* in 2019.

BP Safety Award – BrandPoint Services was thrilled to be recognized last week by BP for Outstanding Safety Performance. Working for Federal Health Speciality Contracting, a division of Federal Health Visual Communications national sign company, BrandPoint became AVETTA certified. AVETTA certification ensures that contractors and their employees take personal responsibility for their health, safety and environment while on the job. BrandPoint embraced the “What’s Your Exposure”(WYE?) theme, driving the responsibility to the workers with boots on the ground resulting in Zero Safety Incidents for 2017-2018 BP Image Refresh program. We are proud to be partnered with Federal Health and BP, delivering results for our clients.

BrandPoint Services is an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company.

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