Multi-Site Commercial Locations

multi site commercial contractorsAt BrandPoint Services, we have considerable experience working with multi-site regional and national office and healthcare facility departments to provide project and/or program construction trade solutions. Our Project Managers and when required, our Job Site Superintendents understand the special needs of a construction trade working in an open location environment. Each location may have special circumstances that need to be accommodated to minimize the impact to the personnel working and clients visiting these properties. Our Project Managers know that we are the eyes and ears to these locations and that reporting to our clients daily is essential.

We do not provide “our” solutions; we fulfill the specific needs of each of our clients. Flexibility, adaptability, resourcefulness, and communication are what we offer to custom tailor solutions to yield maximum quality of the end product at the best possible price with the least disruption.

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Our On-Site Offerings Include:

Open or closed store, day or night work, 24/7/365 availability of single trade or multiple trade crews with on-site supervision.

  • On-Demand/Break-Fix Maintenance Services
  • Interior or Exterior Painting
  • Exterior Siding, Stucco, or EIFS Repair
  • Light Pole and Exterior Metals Painting
  • Flooring installation and repairs.
    Carpet, VCT, LVT, Ceramic Tiles, Hardwood
  • Graphics installation
  • Fixture installation and resets
  • Ceiling installation and restoration
  • High clean services
  • Interior carpentry
  • Low voltage electrical
  • Electrical and Mechanical Services
  • Preventative/Scheduled Maintenance Services
  • Site Surveys