Feedback Keeps Us Improving

Obtaining client feedback and measuring our client’s experience is critical in helping us live our mission of Always Improving. This data helps us to ensure we deliver on our promise to customers, and provides us direction on how to improve to meet our clients’ needs today and tomorrow. Not only do we survey our client contacts, vendors and team throughout the year, but we also call nearly every job site to ensure they had an easy experience working with BrandPoint. If it was not a good experience, we take immediate action to correct the situation and resolve any concerns.

BrandPoint Services’ Average Jobsite Score


for June 2019


for 2019 YTD

The February score is the result of 171 respondents, where 131 respondents gave us a 10 out of 10! Out of the 354 jobsites surveyed this year, 263 have given BrandPoint 10 out of 10. Many of the most loved global consumer brands have scores between 70 and 85.

Below is a sample of the scores and comments BrandPoint Services received from the job site last month:


Those guys were great. I would give them an 11. They went above and beyond.
Automotive Tire Chain; Georgetown, SC


We’ve been working with BrandPoint for three years, and they make everything really easy and simple and they do a great job and great follow-up.
Financial Service Chain; Brookline, MA


He was super friendly and went above and beyond. After he finished the drawer he asked if here’s anything else he could help with.
National Optical Retailer; Dulles, VA


He was pretty friendly. He came in. He was able to get everything done the way we needed it. The only thing, he said he would be done in 15 minutes and it was over an hour he was here, but it wasn’t a big deal.
National Veterinary Clinic; Warwick, RI


The guys were great, they came in explained everything that they were going to do and they made sure the store was accessible for customers, I couldn’t asked for anything better.
National Cellular Chain; Westland, MI


My only thing was, one of the guys, he was waiting for the other guy to come, so he said that he was in traffic. That was my only thing. He had to wait here, for his partner. But other than that, they were easy going. Pretty good.
National Retail Brand; Ft. Lauderdale, FL


We were just so busy, it wasn’t really on them, it was just people were on it and they were trying to work around that.
Fitness Chain; Humble, TX


The gentleman who came out to actually do the work was extremely pleasant. He was extremely polite. He was extremely personable. He took a lot of pride in his work. He was very professional.
National Bank; Wayne, PA


Whoever was in charge was extremely easy to talk to and explained everything that they were doing and was great to work with.
National Pet Retail Chain; South Burlington, VT


They called to let us know when they were coming and when they came, they were very efficient. I have no complaints about it.
National Fitness Chain; Cheektowaga, NY

Scoring using the Net Promoter System

These scores are based on the Net Promoter System. Clients are surveyed to gauge their satisfaction, using just a single question: Based on your experience, how likely are you to recommend BrandPoint based on a scale of 0-10. Similarly, we ask our customers at the job site: On a scale of 0-10, How easy was it to work with BrandPoint? Customers fall into one of three categories: promoters (9-10), those who were pleased or happy with the work and will likely share their experience with others; passives (7-8), who were satisfied but won’t make an effort to promote you to others; and detractors (0-6) who were unhappy and likely to share their displeasure with others. The Net Promoter Score is calculated by taking the percentage of your responding base that are promoters, and subtracting it by the percentage that are detractors. The Net Promoter System is based on Fred Reichheld’s book, The Ultimate Question. 

Net Promoter Score formula calculation

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